5 Common Repairs After A Sideswipe Collision

Posted on: 19 July 2022


At first glance, most sideswipe collision damage appears to be purely cosmetic. Regardless, prompt repairs are important. Cosmetic damages can worsen over time, and sometimes there is hidden mechanical damage that can affect the safety of the vehicle. 

1. Panels 

Nearly any sideswipe collision will result in panel damage at a minimum. Dents and creases, and sometimes even punctures, of the metal or plastic side panels, are common. If there is no creasing or cracking, dent-less repair methods can be used to pop out the damage. Otherwise, the panels may need more involved repairs or even full replacement.

2. Paint 

The other type of cosmetic damage that is most likely to occur is paint damage. Whether it's just a minor scratch across the door or fender or the stripping of the paint down to the bare metal, prompt repair is necessary or rust can set in and cause further damage. Repainting is done after all other repairs have been made. Your collision tech may recommend simply patching the paint for a small scratch, but more extensive damage means a completely new paint job.

3. Door Latches

Even a minor hit at low speed can damage door hinges and latches so that they no longer line up properly. The door may not latch at all, or it may stick or be difficult to open. This is both dangerous and annoying. Further, a door that isn't latching and sealing property can let water into the car during bad weather. Finding the cause of the latch issue and repairing it will be part of the repair process.

4. Broken Glass

There's quite a bit of glass that can suffer damage when you are sideswiped. Not only are the door windows at risk, but so are the mirrors and the taillights and headlights. Mirror and light assemblies will require replacement, while window glass can be replaced. Glass may also need to be cleaned out from the interior of door panels as well as from inside the car itself.

5. Frame Alignment

If you are hit hard, at a higher speed, then the damage can go beyond simple body damage. Sometimes a sideswipe collision can also warp your car's frame. The good news is that most modern automobile frames can be realigned, so the car can be repaired. The bad news is frame damage can also lead to other damages along the drivetrain and steering system that will also need to be fixed.

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