• Hail Damage Repair Options For Your Car

    Getting caught on the road or in an uncovered parking space during a hailstorm can lead to extensive damage to your car. Although you may be able to ignore one dent, the amount of dents that can accumulate during a hailstorm can be substantial. Not only are these dents ugly, but they can also damage the paint or clear coat, which increases the chances of rust on your vehicle. Fortunately, there are several options for repair.
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  • 4 Repairs Your Local Auto Body Shop Can Take Care Of

    Auto body repair shops do different work than an auto repair shop. Auto body shops deal with fixing the appearance and body of your vehicle. They do not deal with taking care of the mechanical side of a vehicle, such as the engine and transmission system. Here are some of the most common work performed at an auto body shop. Repair #1: Painting One of the primary things an auto body shop does is repaint the vehicle.
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  • Collision Too Close: Damages As The Result Of Cars Following Too Close And How To Fix It

    There are always those drivers on the road that are following too close. They may be less than two feet behind you, or their front bumpers may practically kiss your rear bumper. Before you know it, you are in a wreck with these people, and all because they forgot the rule of thumb on how close you should be following other cars on the road. Here are some of the damages you can expect, and how collision repair garages fix it:
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