Military Paint Products

Posted on: 20 October 2021


Tactical vehicles, base camp structures, and aircraft that the military uses are noted for their distinct green hues and camouflage prints. Materials are painted with military-specific coatings. Coatings contain unique properties that standard paint products do not possess.

CARC Coatings

CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) paint products are used by the military. This type of coating is regulated by the federal government and the ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation). Manufacturers who produce this type of paint are licensed to do so. Some nationwide paint suppliers sell a line of CARC products that can be used to restore military vehicles, housing units, or other products that have previously been painted.

The Components Used To Manufacture A CARC Product

A CARC coating is a polyurethane product that contains a polyester resin and a curing agent. Each paint formula is designed to resist chemicals, water, and precipitation. A product's infrared signature will prevent military vehicles from being easily detected by sensors. The properties of CARC products have been developed to protect the lives of the men and women who are serving the country.

As soldiers embark upon a battlefield or travel through an unfamiliar area where a camp will be set up, the military vehicles and gear that they are bringing with them will blend into the environment. If dangerous conditions are encountered, the durability of a CARC product could greatly reduce the amount of damage that would naturally occur if a standard paint product was used to coat the surface of a vehicle.

Suppliers Of CARC Products

A CARC supplier may sell powder coatings, liquids, and aerosol paint products that meet the CARC guidelines. CARC materials are suitable for any type of military application. A client can request to see samples of the CARC product line. If touchup work is going to be conducted or if a new item is going to be painted, some products that are designed for small applications can be purchased through a supplier.

Some CARC suppliers sell cutom products that have been mixed onsite. These products may be a specific color or contain a texturizing agent. A customer can sample custom paints that they will be purchasing. Before CARC paints are applied to a vehicle's body or the surface of another military item, a pre-treatment process is usually conducted. Most military items are painted professionally. An auto body painter who has experience using CARC products will be best-suited to perform military paint projects.

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