4 Repairs Your Local Auto Body Shop Can Take Care Of

Posted on: 8 May 2020


Auto body repair shops do different work than an auto repair shop. Auto body shops deal with fixing the appearance and body of your vehicle. They do not deal with taking care of the mechanical side of a vehicle, such as the engine and transmission system. Here are some of the most common work performed at an auto body shop.

Repair #1: Painting

One of the primary things an auto body shop does is repaint the vehicle. They can repair your vehicle if you don't like how it looks and you just want to change the color of your vehicle. This is one type of paint job that auto body shops take care of.

More commonly though, auto repair shops fix damaged paint jobs. For example, they repair vehicles that have rust damage or vehicles that have experienced a lot of sun damage. They also repair areas of a vehicle that has experienced an auto body repair.

Repair #2: Paintless Dent Removal

Second, auto body shops specialize in paintless dent repair. Paintless dent repair is a collision repair process where dents are removed from a vehicle without the need to repaint the body panel. Paintless dent repair saves a lot of money and time, as no fillers or sanding is required with this repair technique

Repair #3: Window Replacement

Third, auto repair shops fix vehicles that are damaged in accidents. Oftentimes, during an accident, the windows are on a vehicle are damaged. Auto repair technicians know how to fix and replace not only damaged windshields, but side windows, rear windshields, and sunroofs as well. Most auto body shops employ a windshield repair technician on their team.

Repair #4: Frame Straightening

During an accident, oftentimes the frame of a vehicle is damaged. Auto body shops employ special machinery which measures the position of the frame, and then uses special tools to pull the frame back into its original place. 

This is a very precise process, which requires a lot of measurements, in order to get the frame back in place. A frame straightener is a highly specialized piece of equipment. A straight frame is necessary for your vehicle to operate safely, as a bent frame can impact the handling and steering capabilities of your vehicle.

An auto body repair shop specializes in jobs such as paintless dent removal, painting, window replacement, and frame straightening. If the body of your vehicle is damaged, you need to take your vehicle to an auto body repair shop.