Collision Too Close: Damages As The Result Of Cars Following Too Close And How To Fix It

Posted on: 1 January 2020


There are always those drivers on the road that are following too close. They may be less than two feet behind you, or their front bumpers may practically kiss your rear bumper. Before you know it, you are in a wreck with these people, and all because they forgot the rule of thumb on how close you should be following other cars on the road. Here are some of the damages you can expect, and how collision repair garages fix it:

Crunched Bumper

If you are lucky, all you will have is a crunched bumper. This is easy enough to fix, as the technician can simply remove this bumper and replace it with a new one. However, a crunched bumper is often the least of the damages in cases where other drivers follow too close. 

Damage to the Hatchback or Trunk

If the other driver was following you at any speed above forty miles an hour and suddenly you both stopped, there is a good chance that your trunk or your hatchback (depending on the type of car you were driving) is going to be damaged. Trunks tend to buckle and crunch, while hatchbacks end up in the permanently closed position. You will not be able to open the hatchback at all until it is replaced, and in the case of a trunk, the whole trunk lid will need to be replaced along with the locking mechanism. 

Tail Lights Are GONE

You will definitely lose a tail light or two when you are in this kind of a collision. It is nearly impossible for all of your tail lights to come out of a rear wreck in one piece with zero damage. That said, your technician will have to take out the lights, the bulbs, the covers, and maybe even the tail light fixtures themselves to replace the whole mess. There might even be some electrical wiring problems that will need fixing. 

Rear Drive Train or Alignment Is Messed Up

When another vehicle gets too close and then smacks you from behind, you instinctively put on the brakes when you brace for impact. Your front wheels and drive train do not feel as much of the impact as your rear wheel drive train and alignment. The technician will have to get under your vehicle to see how bad it is, and then try to straighten it out or replace it.