4 Tips For Auto Windshield Cracks

Posted on: 9 September 2018


Getting a crack on your windshield is something that should be taken quite seriously. What might look like just one little crack could suddenly become a very big problem. If the crack gets hit by another object or your windshield experiences a sudden drop in temperature, it could expand quite quickly, leading to a very dangerous situation out on the road. If you have recently suffered a crack on your windshield, here are a few tips that might help.

Use Liquid De-Icer

If you have a crack on your windshield during the winter time, you need to be careful about using the defroster. Blowing heat directly onto the windshield is a great way to get a crack to expand. Instead of this, purchase some liquid de-icer that you can apply directly to the windshield instead. 

Avoid Air Conditioning

If the windshield crack develops during the summertime, you need to cool it with your air conditioning use. Your A/C might not blow air directly on the crack like a defroster, but having a different temperature inside the car compared with the temperature outside is another scenario that could cause your windshield crack to expand. Drive with your windows down if you need some relief from the heat while out on the road.

Cover Up Without Reducing Visibility

While air from a defroster can be avoided by simply not turning it on, you should also consider the air that is hitting the windshield every time you drive down road. To help mitigate this problem, invest in some clear tape. Carefully place the clear tape over the crack in order to prevent air from getting in as well as keeping out any debris that might kick up from the road. Use as little tape as possible to ensure maximum visibility out on the road.

Try a Self-Repair Kit 

Many auto stores sell windshield crack repair kits. You can essentially fill the crack with a substance that will solidify and seal the crack as much as possible. These kits work best on very small cracks. If your crack is not so small or you just want a more professional solution, it's time to reach out to a specialist.

If your car windshield suffers a crack, go easy on the defroster, cover the crack with clear tape and attempt a fix if possible. If you can't fix the problem on your own reach out to an auto windshield repair shop today.