When You Just Can't Wait To Have Repairs Done After A Fender Bender

Posted on: 16 August 2017


If you have had a fender bender then it may have come at a very bad time when you have a lot of other things going on. You may think that you can drive your car around for awhile before having the repairs done so you can put it off until a more convenient time. As long as the collision didn't cause anything to happen to the car that can affect its performance, or increase its chances of suffering other problems, then this may be possible.

However, in some cases you will want to make sure the repairs are done immediately, before you continue driving the car around and causing further damages. Sometimes it doesn't take much at all to cause serious issues depending on the speed and angle, as well as other factors. Here are some signs that your collision repairs should be taken care of right away instead of being put off:

You smell new smells coming from the car

Even if your car looks like it just has a bit of a smashed in spot, if you are suddenly smelling new smells then it is obvious that something else is going on. There is something rubbing, broken, loose or otherwise damaged in a way that is causing these smells to happen. New smells after an accident, no matter how minor it may have seemed, means a fast trip into the collision specialist!

There is smoke coming from somewhere

If you suddenly start to see or smell smoke coming from anywhere after you have had a fender bender then you need to take the car in. It doesn't matter if all you see is a dent or a few scratches, smoke means there is an issue that you need to figure out the source of. You could have a leak anywhere that is causing one or more of your fluids to land on the manifold and cause the smoking, or you could be dealing with many other types of issues.

The car isn't driving the same as it did before the fender bender

If you notice any differences in the way the car is performing, steering, stopping or otherwise handling then you really need to have it taken in to be repaired right away by an auto collision specialist. Continuing to drive around a car that you now don't know what's wrong with puts you and everyone else on the road in a very dangerous situation.