Stop And Listen: The Audible Clues Your Brakes Give You When They Are In Need Of Repair

Posted on: 1 August 2017


Brakes are an important element of your car. They help ensure your car can come to a stop when you need it to. If your brakes are worn, you may have trouble coming to a stop quickly, which may lead to an otherwise preventable accident. However, the frequency with which you need your brakes replaced or repaired varies on many factors. These factors include the thickness of the rotors on your car, the type of brake pad or shoe used on your car, the weather elements your car is subjected to and whether you drive in heavy traffic or freeway traffic. As such, it is important to listen to your car to determine when your brakes may be in need of repair. Here are three audible clues your car will give you to let you know it needs car brake services. 

A High Pitched Squeal

One of the very first warnings signs that you will hear when your brakes are going bad is a high pitched squeal or screeching sound. When you slowly hit your brakes, you will hear this sound. Unfortunately, this sound can also be indicative of dirty or dusty brakes. If you hear a screech or squeal when hitting your brakes, take the time to spray the wheels of your car down and wash the rims. This may help to remove excessive amounts of dirt and dust. If the sound continues, you likely need your brakes repaired. 

Grinding Noises

If your have ignored the squealing sounds your brakes have been making for some time, the next sound you may hear are grinding or growling noises. Squealing sounds occur when the brake pad is wearing thin. By the time you hear grinding noises, the pad may be gone and now the metal that held the pad is grinding into your rotor to stop you. If you hear this sound, you want to take your car in immediately. You can cause damage to the rotors that may result in them needing to be replaced if you continue to drive like this. 

A Sighing Noise

The last sound your brake system may give you that is indicative of brake problems is a sighing sound, or the sound of air expelling when you hit your brakes. Take a second to blow air out of your mouth or to sigh. That is the sound of air expelling. When you push on the brakes, you may hear this sound if there is air in your brake lines or in your brake fluid. When you hear this sound, you need to have your brake fluid lines drained and flushed. Air can prevent your brakes from getting the fluid they need, which may slow braking time. As such, it is important ot have this done when you hear this sound. 

If you hear any of these noises coming your car when you hit the brakes, you will want to bring your car in for car brake services. A mechanic, like one from George's Eastside Shell, can examine your brake system and determine if repairs are needed. If they are, they can make those repairs, ensuring your brake system is functional.