Four Reasons To Get Your Car Checked Out After Hitting A Curb

Posted on: 1 August 2017


Hitting a curb is extremely common, especially in the winter when the roads are more sleek, so making sharp turns can lead you into the curb. When this happens, people often brush it off believing that it hasn't done enough damage to be concerning. However, this is not the case and, in fact, hitting a curb can cause quite extensive damages that you will want looked at right away. Here are four specific reasons getting your car checked after hitting a curb is extremely important:

  1. Damage to Tires: One of the most extensive damages that are done to your vehicle after hitting a curb is damage to the tires. This can cause excessive wear and possible even tearing that will need to be either patched before your tire blows or you may even need to have the tire replaced. It can also cause damage to the rims and cause them to pop out slightly. They will need to be reinstalled or replaced in this case so that they do not fall off when driving, especially at a high rate of speed, which can be dangerous. 
  2. Damage to Steering System: Since the steering system is connected to your tires and the tires can become damaged, it can, in turn, cause damage to the steering system. This means that you may experience problems with your steering after hitting a curb, which is especially dangerous if this has happened in the winter since steering is already challenging enough on sleek roads. 
  3. Damage to the Suspension: Damage to the suspension of the vehicle can also be compromised when you have hit a curb. What does this mean? You are going to feel every bump in the road since your car will not have the suspension to absorb the contact with the road. On top of this, the car is going to drag slightly, which is a problem especially in winter when driving through snow. 
  4. Damage to the Undercarriage: Finally, you probably have damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle, which is a problem if that damage is possibly affecting some other component of your vehicle. A professional will be able to inspect this part of your vehicle to determine if this is the case. 

When you know these four reasons you need to get your car checked out after hiring a curb, you can be sure that you understand why it's so important, especially in the winter season.