• Stop And Listen: The Audible Clues Your Brakes Give You When They Are In Need Of Repair

    Brakes are an important element of your car. They help ensure your car can come to a stop when you need it to. If your brakes are worn, you may have trouble coming to a stop quickly, which may lead to an otherwise preventable accident. However, the frequency with which you need your brakes replaced or repaired varies on many factors. These factors include the thickness of the rotors on your car, the type of brake pad or shoe used on your car, the weather elements your car is subjected to and whether you drive in heavy traffic or freeway traffic.
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  • Seeking To Monetize Your Fleet? Should You Paint Or Wrap?

    In today's society, advertisements are everywhere—and with more consumers cutting cable, canceling magazine subscriptions, and otherwise moving away from more traditional ways to advertise, thinking outside the box when it comes to promoting your business can be more lucrative than ever. If your business includes one or more fleet vehicles, you may be wondering whether it's worthwhile to essentially transform these vehicles into mobile billboards by adding a wrap or custom paint job with your business's logo and contact information.
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  • Three Signs Your Transmission Was Damaged In A Recent Accident

    Besides the engine, your transmission is a pivotal part in the making of your vehicle. It is prone to damage and wear like most mechanical parts, but an accident can cause heavy damage in an instant that is greater than typical wear and negligence.  Evaluating the damages to a car after an accident or any type of activity which would damage your vehicle is important in adequate vehicle care. Damaged car transmissions can be identified by the following indicators and expectations after an accident.
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